This Sunday will be the third Sunday in Advent. Roger and Polly Surprenant will light the beautiful pink candle during the worship service, the Joy Candle. We will also have another guest minister, Rev. Ed Koffenberger. Please be sure to come to the worship service. It will be wonderful. Later, at 3:00 pm we will gather at the church to go caroling. This is an annual tradition at Bethany. We will cram into as few  cars as possible and head out to visit our congregational members who are not able to come out and see us! Not only do we sing a few songs, but we also come bearing gifts, spreading Christmas joy, so it is very fitting that we will carol on third Sunday. Once we have visited everyone, we return back to the fellowship hall for some yummy chili!


Today is the 87th day of read-through-the Bible -in-a-year program at Bethany. “Challenge” is a word that defines well the journey that takes you from Genesis to Revelations in 365 days. I confess that I have never read the Bible cover to cover and was apprehensive about sticking with it but wanted to give it a try. Once the plan was introduced to the congregation, I committed to the program. There have been times that my daily reading became every 2-3 days and once I was a week behind. If you are experiencing the same setbacks, do not give up, catch up instead! 

I have really enjoyed discovering new insights from my Bible reading and would like to share two dealing with Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness: 

A journey that might have taken Israel less than two weeks to complete lasted forty years because of their unbelief and disobedience. (See Deuteronomy 1:2) 

We are told that for forty years in the wilderness the shoes and clothes of the Israelites miraculously never wore out. (See Deuteronomy :5) 

There are many mysteries in the Bible to uncover if you are up to the challenge, read God’s Word. You will be blessed!  – Susan Bissette

 I sit down alone, 

Only God is here. 

In His presence I open, 

I read His books; 

And what I thus learn 

I teach. 

–John Wesley