Our Homecoming is this Sunday, October 17. After missing last year’s homecoming, we could not be more excited about this one! Rev. Beth Burton-Williams will be in the pulpit. She will be preaching on Matthew 22:1-14, “Banquet Hall of the King.” If you haven’t seen her in a while, you will not want to miss her now. Our choir will be singing Near the Cross and be accompanied on the piano by Dawn Metts. As has been our recent custom, we will pick up our communion wine and wafer when we enter the sanctuary and hold it until the appropriate time during the service and partake together. After the service, we will gather under the pavilion and in the fellowship hall to feast on fabulous homecoming fare! Bring your favorite main, side, and/or dessert;  we will provide the rest. Thanks to Jennie Adams, we will be able to view Mr. Russel Lee’s many wonderful videos of homecomings past to view as we gather together. What a wonderful gift he left for us! photo credit:  Melissa Watson