There will be times in your life when people will hurt you. They will get into the places where you are vulnerable. You can’t keep them out; they will squeeze through your front door wreaking havoc with your heart and in your life. It is unavoidable, but you don’t have to invite them into your basement. 

Often when we are hurt, we relive the experience over and over in our minds. We try to figure out the other’s motivation for hurting us. Sometimes we look inward to blame. What did I do? Am I not important? Why am I not liked? Sometimes we look outward. The one who hurt us is a snob and thinks him or herself better than us. Sometimes we see the attacker as jealous and wanting to inflict pain because he/she wants to bring us down to his level, or the person is selfish and does not give a thought to the feelings of others. Over and over, we play those hurts in our minds…sometimes with tears…sometimes with vengeful thoughts.

These attitudes and behaviors invite the attackers, who have already pushed past our front doors, right into our basements where they can kick around at our foundation…inflicting pain and feelings of isolation and loneliness over and over and over. This can shake us to our very core. 

Don’t let this happen. Fill your basement with the Lord. Fill your thoughts with the Lord and His grace. Ensure that your own actions are thoughtful and considerate of others. Do not punish yourself with self-degrading language and insecurities. Know that you are a child of God. Other’s actions are other’s actions. People have all kinds of motivations….some selfish…some thoughtless…some evil…some unintentional…but do not let those shake who you are…the person who God loves. The attackers are led by their hearts…and that is the person they have to live with. You be the person that you have to live with. You be the person that God intends for you to be. Educate your mind with His Word. Use your energy to do His work. Fill your basement with His strength and your heart with His Love. We can never control others…perhaps we can never even understand others…but God prepares for us a way to understand Him…the same way that we control ourselves. Strengthen yourself with the tools God has provided, so you can be whole in the face of your adversaries and ready to answer the Lord’s call when it comes. – Melissa Watson

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7  (NIV)