200 food boxes were packed.

Operation Veggie Box (OVB) in April received a $5,000 grant from Religious Community Services (RCS), New Bern.

According to Rich Maher, OVB chief executive, the grant was for feeding Pamlico County residents in need. Maher purchased food items and delivered them in bulk to Bethany, where they were stored briefly.

Boxes contained an assortment of non-perishable food items.

Friday, April 24, OVB members met in Bethany’s fellowship hall and packed 200 boxes with the food items.

Maher explained that previously, county residents in need of food had been identified through various sources, and that individuals had been notified that food boxes would be distributed at Bethany’s parking lot on Saturday, April 25, 10 AM to noon.

When the packing was completed, the boxes were stored overnight for distribution Saturday.

In addition, organizations supporting food-distribution efforts, including the Reelsboro food bank, Pamlico Partnership for Children and Fishes and Loaves arranged to pick up boxes for distribution to their clients.

Bethany’s north parking lot was utilized to fill orders from the organizations, and the south parking lot to distribute boxes to individual families.

Operation Veggie Box is planning an additional food-distribution event in the near future

Boxes were distributed Saturday.

Maher also said that OVB’s three sponsored gardens at Arapahoe Charter School, at Camp Caroline and at 4H Extension are growing well. The fresh produce from the gardens will be delivered to Fishes and Loaves for distribution.



I talked to Sherry Leftwich of Universal Church Directories this morning. UCD has been closed for the past two weeks in accordance with the State of Ohio’s corona-virus directives, and will (hopefully) reopen May 1. At that time, Sherry will determine our position in the queue, and provide us with an estimated date of delivery. It is important to understand that UCD, upon reopening, will be at least three weeks behind, so delivery of our directory will depend on three things: 1) our position in the production and printing queue,  2) how long it will take UCD to catch up after reopening, and 3) whether the shut-down is extended past 1 May.

We will publish updates as we gain new information.

Mac Harris, communications director


BethCom is planning a relaunch of A Light for Your Path! There will be some substantive changes. First, the devotional will change every two weeks rather than every week, in order that writers will have to write less frequently. Second, the platform for the text will be reconfigured, and the word limit will be increased to no more than 200 words rather than 100. (of course, writers will not be required to submit 200 words.)

In addition, we are considering posting videos of live devotional readings, in which there will be no word limits (within reason, of course). For this, we would like to have a set, so we are soliciting one of you talented people to design a set for the devotional!

The relaunch will begin in May. The first one will be posted 4 May, and the second one 18 May.  The writers for those dates have already agreed. That means that, for those who agree to write, the first one on the schedule will submit a devotional for 1 June, and the second one for 15 June, and so on.

Other changes may occur as we progress, but for now, we want to relaunch, as we think a devotional provides a positive dimension to our website.

The more writers who volunteer, the greater the time for each before writing the next one! There are many talented folks in our congregation, so please volunteer. This is a way to serve the congregation as well as unknown people who visit our website. It can be fun and provide a creative outlet.

If you would like to join us, or if you are interested in designing a set for us, or both, please reply to bethanycomcomm@gmail.com. If you would like more information before deciding, we invite you to respond as well. Please reply by May 4 so we can prepare a schedule. Thank you!