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The Columbarium Administration Committee established by the general board as part of its adoption June 3 of the Columbarium Rules and Regulations, held its first meeting June 26. As its first order of business, Mac Harris was elected Chair, and Meredith Beeman was elected Secretary. In addition to Harris and Beeman, other members of the committee are John Beeman, Jr., Sandra Hardison and Renée Midyette.

The committee began setting up the operating plan and establishing accounting procedures. It also determined that it is appropriate for Rev. Osgood to plan a dedication ceremony for the columbarium facility.

Landscaping and benches for the columbarium facility will be in place soon. Upon completion of the operating plan and as soon as the accounting procedures are set up, the committee will be ready to receive niche reservations.

The next meeting of the committee will be July 16.


Rev. Torrie Osgood with Garland Cahoon, our most mature father; and Chris Furr, pastor of Covenant Christian Church in Cary, the youngest father present. —Photo by Communications

My son, do not despise the Lord‘s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights. –Proverbs 3:11-12.

In worship today, we celebrated fathers, because a father’s love, discipline and support are just as necessary as a mother’s love for a child. Just as a mother is a child’s role model for how a woman of faith is to live and conduct herself, so a father is a child’s role model for how a man of faith is to live and conduct himself.

It is important that children and wives show love, honor and respect for our fathers and husbands. As children, we appreciate the time they spend with us and the feeling of security they provide, and as wives, we appreciate them for loving our children and helping them grow in the way they should, and for being our faithful partners.

We, as a congregation, thank, love and respect all the fathers for their love and hard work, not only for their children, but for the Lord and their church, which needs them and their help just as much as it needs that of the mothers!


The weekly web devotional, A Light for Your Path, begins today. A number of writers have agreed to write for the devotional. Each one will be signed. Rev. Torrie Osgood kicks off A Light for Your Path today. Readers can look for the new week’s devotion on Mondays, beginning June 11.

While the theme will change monthly, the devotional and the background photograph will change weekly. Beginning in July, 2018, the communications photo contest winners’ photos will be used as background, but all are invited to submit photos for the devotional’s photo bank. We will need lots of photos! The June photos will be those taken by the devotional editor, but, starting in July, we will use photos submitted by anyone who wishes to offer them for our use. Each photo will credited, and must, as closely as possible, illustrate the monthly theme, which will be published about three weeks in advance on this site and in the church bulletin

Writers will write to the theme, and photographs will illustrate the theme to the degree possible. The themes and devotionals will be based on scripture, and each writer will submit, along with his or her devotional copy, the scripture he or she selects.

If you would like to write for us, please submit a sample devotional of 100 words or less, along with a scripture reference, to

If you want to submit photographs, look for notice of each coming month’s theme on this site or in the church bulletin, take your picture(s), and submit to, or drop them by the church office.


Last year, Bethany’s youth grew watermelons and cantaloupes for Operation Veggie Box, helping OVB distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to food banks, with a message introducing recipients to Christ and the Holy Spirit, and urging them to go to the church of their choice to learn more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It was, as OVB puts it, an effort to feed the hungry, physically and spiritually. Celebrate our youth and our commitment to helping our community!