Operation Veggie Box (OVB) announced that Silver Hill Christian Church has entered into partnership with OVB and will provide financial assistance to the OVB ministry.

Silver Hill represents the first church to join OVB, a ministry founded by Bethany. At least one other church in the region is expected to decide within the next couple of weeks whether to join the OVB ministry. OVB leaders plan to contact other churches in the near future to explain the ministry and invite them into a partnership in which they provide financial or operational assistance, or both.

Operation Veggie Box is a ministry that is seeking to reduce both physical and spiritual hunger in our region by growing fresh produce and distributing it, along with a spiritual message, to hungry families through a variety of distribution systems.

Although dry and canned food products provide sustenance to those who need food, fresh produce will provide a balance of essential nutrition. OVB would like, through partnering with churches, to set up a network of gardens that can provide sufficient quantities of fresh vegetables to augment the dry and canned goods already being distributed by food banks.


The Bethany Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF) decided Sunday to sponsor a “Corn Jam” in 2014. The Corn Jam is a ministry of Operation Veggie Box (OVB), which has as its goal the reduction of the level of hunger in our region, both physical and spiritual.

The plan is to grow one acre of sweet corn and harvest and distribute to charities and needy families. CMF and OVB are seeking partners that can provide both strategic and tactical expertise. More about that will be forthcoming in the next few months.

The estimated cost of the Corn Jam is approximately $1,700. CMF and OVB hope to harvest around 300 bushels (about 18,000 ears) of sweet corn.