Parker Watson – One Up on Lea Banks

A Nickey Cannan Photo

Lea banks said that when he was a youngster many decades ago, he would drink the left over grape Nehi used to make communion. Parker Watson has one up on Lea – help prepare communion and have the opportunity to drink all along – except Welch’s grape juice is probably not as flavorful as Nehi grape.

Parker is also known for his spontaneously candid responses to Christine Beeman’s questions during Children’s Church.

New Gavel from an Old Bell Timber

Photos by Tommy Banks

During the church board meeting Sunday night, Garland Cahoon presented to Board Chairman Chris Watson (see top photo) a gavel that he turned from a salvaged 3-inch by 5-inch maple timber that supported Bethany’s bell.

“It was the hardest piece of wood I ever turned,” Cahoon said. “Maple is hard wood, and the fire hardened it more.” The gavel (see bottom photo), which still has burned areas on it, will be used by Watson and future board chairs.